Sophie Dabbs

What Do We Do with All These Returns? E-commerce and Reverse Logistics

  Consumer products manufacturers’ e-commerce operations need a reverse logistics process that can handle a high volume of returned merchandise… Read More »

Delivery Speed Drives E-Commerce Fulfillment Success

  "I feel the need . . .  the need for speed!" Today’s online shoppers certainly agree with the sentiment of Tom Cruise’s character in the 1986 movie… Read More »

Drop Shipping: The Path to E-Commerce Growth for CPG Companies

If your well-established Consumer Packaged Goods company is like many legacy brands, e-commerce is in your future - if it’s not part of your strategy… Read More »

Complexity or Unpredictability: Which One Rules Your Supply Chain?

Life as a supply chain professional is complicated. Customers want better, faster and personalized service. Organizations want lower costs and… Read More »

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