Is Your 3PL Keeping You Awake at Night? (Part 3)

Rest Assured with the Co-managed Approach

In the first of this three-part series we talked about flexibility and control. The series continues with how to tell if your 3PL provider understands you.

If you really want a good night's sleep, consider using a 3PL that offers services beyond transportation. The best 3PLs make it their mission to understand your business well enough to suggest improvements to other processes. These 3PLs will offer suggestions regarding best practices for processes inside your four walls and outside of your shipping operations. They will know providers of related services or perhaps bundle services you have yet to take advantage of in the past.

This combination of the Co-managed approach and access to other value-added services impacts your entire supply chain. An example of an additional service is LEAN consulting. The LEAN method improves operational performance, execution strategies and even corporate culture. Look for services which include LEAN Consulting workshops, performance coaching and value stream mapping. These continuous improvement tools are used to discover and eliminate waste from processes.

Maybe you already have an area of concern in mind. Ask your provider if they offer help with those areas or can suggest someone who can. For instance, your provider should be able to analyze claims that hit too often and seem too high. This is a giveaway that some process needs improvement. But such patterns and their causes are not always easy to spot.

If you could end each day knowing your 3PL has so much flexibility and knowledge of your business that they can make a big impact on your core operations, wouldn’t you sleep better at night?

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