What is Carrier Relationship Management? - Part 1

Best-in-class carriers are the heart of a winning supply chain solution. They’re the best because they recognize their importance and want to use their skills and expertise to help customers solve problems. That’s why any good logistics provider appreciates and values its carriers.

The question is: Do your carriers know you appreciate and value them?

Let’s think through it from the beginning: The core purpose of logistics services is to solve end-to-end transportation problems. In order to effectively solve problems, every person and every supplier at every juncture of the transportation process must share that commitment to problem solving.

That requires trust, and system-wide trust doesn’t happen without honest, respectful communication and transparent behavior among all the parties. On those terms, are you truly approaching your carriers as trusted partners?

  • Do you negotiate rates and schedules in good faith?
  • Do you work together to identify and implement time- and cost-saving innovations?
  • Do you share technology and data in ways that help your carriers improve their service overall – and, as a result, help them improve their own business strategies and become even more competitive?
  • Do you work hand-in-hand with each carrier to ensure outstanding service, on-time payment and satisfaction at all levels: shipper, carrier, provider, worker, customer?

Best-in-class carriers want to play a key role in building a winning supply chain solution. That’s how they achieved their best-in-class status. Letting them know you appreciate their efforts – and applauding their results – helps create the kind of win-win partnership that leads to continuous improvement in logistics efficiency and customer service.

As a nationally recognized third-party logistics (3PL) provider, Transportation Insight delivers maximum value to clients who ship products across North America and around the globe. By leveraging strong, long-term carrier relationships and in-depth knowledge of carrier networks, Transportation Insight provides clients with the best combination of cost and service for every freight move, saving clients money and improving customer satisfaction.

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