Make New Friends, But Keep the Old; One is Silver and the Other Gold

That old scouting song has something important to tell us about relationships with Enterprise Logistics Providers. No one knows your business better than you, especially when it comes to servicing your customers. So why should you compromise your established carrier relationships just because you also want to take advantage of the benefits of working with an Enterprise Logistics Provider?

You shouldn’t. An agile company that considers all of their options with the end in mind will continue to flourish and become more profitable today, tomorrow and years to come.  The advantages of working with an Enterprise Logistics Provider are numerous, but the most common you hear about are the following:

  • More transportation provider options to alleviate capacity concerns and keep your promises to your customers
  • Minimal capital investment in tools and technology
  • Vast multi-modal (parcel, LTL, Truckload/Intermodal, International) expertise available at your fingertips
  • Business intelligence tools that reveal analytical trends and support data-driven decision making

An Enterprise Logistics Provider operating under a Co-managed Logistics® business model delivers all of these benefits, but expands on them by enabling you to:

  • Keep your service provider and customer relationships intact. In a co-managed partnership, your company name is on your carrier contracts, and you own the rates
  • Maintain your desired level of supply chain control – a co-managed provider relies on its expertise and experience to make recommendations for you, but you own the decision-making process.
  • Focus on customer service and business growth – a co-managed provider works diligently behind the scenes managing contracts, auditing and repairing invoice errors, collecting and analyzing supply chain data, and identifying and implementing (alongside your team) continuous improvement opportunities.
  • Become a better shipper by understanding your short- and long-term objectives and aligning your company with service providers that understand the expectations of your customers.

Transportation Insight’s Co-managed Logistics business model enables your supply chain to quickly adapt to changes in customer demands and marketplace trends to execute using our proven tools and technologies and expertise By leveraging Transportation Insight’s end-to-end supply chain support and e-commerce logistics expertise, every area in your company gains access to the industry’s best combination of expertise, resources, service, technology, processes and analytics. Examples include:

  • Executive Leadership: Customized Key Performance Indicators and comprehensive reporting to support data-driven decision making
  • Finance/Administration: Process automation and record-keeping simplification, as well as advanced analytics to support trend identification and financial forecasting
  • Information Technology: Facilitation of enterprise-wide productivity improvements through integration of enterprise resource management platforms with logistics systems
  • Supply Chain: Analytics-driven support for site selection, distribution alignment and supply chain reconfiguration to achieve optimal efficiency
  • Logistics: Reduce time and effort necessary to secure transportation capacity and execute shipments with increased speed and accuracy
  • Purchasing: Control inbound transportation costs and improve inbound shipment visibility while tracking and recovering costs from supplier misroutes
  • Sales: Increased data and shipment visibility enables improved customer satisfaction while identifying sales trends from customer to SKU level

We co-manage alongside every area of your enterprise, coaching, teaching, reviewing, training and complementing the best of what you do with proven techniques for increasing speed, accuracy and expertise. You get the tools you need to optimize logistics performance and drive down costs, while also maintaining complete control. The result is a long-term win-win-win partnership for all supply chain players.

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