Innovative Logistics Technologies Reinvent the Supply Chain to Meet Demand

Variable customer demands and requirements for same day orders have changed the way companies must do business in order to stay competitive. As a result, traditional supply chain models are being reshaped with new, innovative logistics technologies that can help companies gain a competitive edge, while reducing costs and meeting customer service levels.

Supply chain technology has evolved to enable faster, more robust analytics that allow organizations to forecast what might happen in the future based on collected data. Supply chain managers can uncover emerging trends before they become problems or find vulnerabilities within their supply chain networks that could cause disruptions. Proactive response to potential challenges mitigates risk, improves customer satisfaction and leads to greater profitability.

Mobile technology is gaining adoption among supply chain professionals, as it permits supply chain management from any location at any time. New mobile applications give managers visibility into logistics operations, allowing them to track and trace orders in real time. In the warehouse, mobile devices continue to drive higher supply chain efficiency.

Cloud computing is becoming the norm within the supply chain because it allows companies to deploy transportation management solutions quickly, easily and for less cost. It also provides a platform for collaboration with strategic partners.

Integrating these new technologies into the supply chain leads to tactical advantage and reduces costs, while improving efficiency and productivity. To remain competitive, companies need to work with a logistics provider that delivers a combination of expertise and innovation that fosters end-to-end supply chain visibility and mitigates supply chain risk.

Transportation Insight works with clients to produce exceptional results by applying predictive, strategic planning – powered by analytics with an emphasis on supply chain engineering, LEAN consulting and Big Data solutions. This multi-faceted approach brings companies a customized business intelligence platform that can drive exponential increases in enterprise value.

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