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HICKORY, NC, August 7, 2009 – Transportation Insight, LLC, a supply chain management firm, Total Insight, LLC, a professional solutions company, and United Sourcing Alliance, LLC, a procurement services provider, created a strategic alliance to help clients achieve sustainability and excellence.

“The strategic alliance between Transportation Insight, Total Insight, and United Sourcing Alliance expands our ability to provide clients with a wholistic™ supply chain through logistics, consulting, and materials,” says Paul Thompson, CEO. “Our mission is to create a competitive advantage for our clients. With our growth of services, we can do this even better by helping to cut more cost and providing solutions to sustain the improvement.”

Transportation Insight, LLC, was founded in 1995 as a small consulting company. By 2000, the company had grown both in size and in scope, and has since continued growing into a nation-wide lead logistics provider. Transportation Insight’s mission is to create a significant competitive advantage for its clients by providing unsurpassed logistics expertise, state-of-the-art transportation management system software, logistics network engineering and analysis, sophisticated business intelligence, and numerous logistics management services ranging from rate negotiations to freight bill audit and payment.

Total Insight, LLC, founded in 1989 as Petra International, has helped over 300 executive leadership teams across numerous industries accomplish game-changing goals for excellence, productivity, and financial performance. The creation of Total Insight merged Petra International’s resources with top management employees and experienced professionals from Transportation Insight. Total Insight’s legacy statement and goal is to build high-trust, sustainable workplace communities by taking the wholistic path™ to excellence. The wholistic path™ focuses on a company’s Business Quotient (BQ™), Community Quotient (CQ™), and Execution Quotient (EQ™) to improve business processes, stimulate organizational and leadership development, and raise corporate execution ability to achieve and sustain excellence.

United Sourcing Alliance, LLC, was founded in 1998 as a group purchasing organization focused on indirect; packaging; and maintenance, repair, and operational (MRO) supplies. Today, United Sourcing Alliance (USA) has diversified into a comprehensive procurement services provider. Companies can achieve immediate bottom-line savings by using a professional organization focused on leveraging and developing alliances with best-in-class suppliers. USA holds cost advantaged contracts with national suppliers in 16 categories and has managed direct and indirect sourcing initiatives for specific clients.

The individual strengths of each company are now combined to offer comprehensive solutions across a range of business needs. The combined capabilities of Transportation Insight, Total Insight, and United Sourcing Alliance provide best-in-class services with the convenience of a one-stop shop and the peace of mind of proven success.

For more information about these companies, please visit their websites or call as shown below:

Transportation Insight - or 828-485-5000.
Total Insight - or 828-485-5240.
United Sourcing Alliance - or 828-485-5235.

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