How F.O.B Terms Can Affect Your Company (Part 2)

Failure to properly manage and assess risk regarding purchase and transportation terms can affect any company’s bottom line. I was recently… Read More »

What Does F.O.B. Mean? (Part 1)

In my role at Transportation Insight, clients and prospects are constantly asking me the meaning of the acronym FOB. In fact, I recently visited a… Read More »

May 2012 ISM Report on Business

HICKORY, NC (June 6, 2012) With sales showing steady improvement and prices falling the PMI registered 53.8 in May indicating growth in the… Read More »

April 2012 ISM Report on Business

HICKORY, NC (April 3, 2012) With 16 of 18 industries reporting growth in the month of April the manufacturing sector grows for the 33rd consecutive… Read More »

LEAN Supply Chain to Be Introduced to the Shingo Prize Community

HICKORY, N.C., April 26, 2012 - Eric Lail, Vice President of LEAN Performance Solutions for Transportation Insight and one of 250 Shingo Prize… Read More »

March 2012 ISM Report on Business

HICKORY, NC- March 6, 2012 PMI comes in with a reading of 53.4 in March, which is a full point higher then the February reading, indicating growth in… Read More »

Sir Francis Bacon and Thomas Hobbes: Almost Right about Knowledge

Decisions you’re making now present one of three outcomes for your business: better results, lost ground, or stagnation. While that’s a very… Read More »

The Many Benefits of Financial Settlement Services

Why do people pay others to do something instead of doing it themselves? Usually it’s because the provider offers expertise or another benefit that… Read More »

Ground Breaking Celebrates the TI Center for Entrepreneurship

HICKORY, NC, March 26, 2012 – Interest in cutting-edge entrepreneurship continues to blossom throughout the country like the dogwood flower in… Read More »

February 2012 ISM Report on Business

HICKORY, NC, March 6, 2012 The nation's supply executives continue to have a positive outlook as activity expands in the manufacturing sector for the… Read More »

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