Visibility: The Holy Grail of Supply Chain

Logistics professionals require end-to-end visibility across their supply chain in order to manage inventory and monitor shipments. Many companies lack the visibility to know where their inventory is located, whether carriers are providing the right service levels, and/or where the bottlenecks are in the supply chain. Reliable and timely information from a shipment tracking perspective is the key to taking non-optimized links out of the supply chain.

Visibility issues exist within companies because:

Their supply chain is complex. Keeping tabs on the status and location of inventory is just the beginning. In a time of tight margins and dynamic delivery, you need more than general oversight. There’s actionable information buried deep in the data, from order entry and management, through transportation, inventory management and logistics through final delivery.

Business priorities are not the focus, but should be. Achieving defined business results is the impetus behind supply chain visibility and scrutiny. In the never-ending quest for productivity and profit, end-to-end supply chain visibility helps you recognize what’s working, what’s not, what needs to be tweaked, and what needs to be changed completely. Supply chain excellence contributes directly to the bottom line – its value is operationally and fiscally evident.

Gaps in visibility create blind spots. All the data in the world won’t lead to supply chain optimization if there are gaps in visibility. The larger the company, the more likely its business functions are to become isolated in silos. To improve processes and achieve desired outcomes, collaboration and data sharing are critical across suppliers, providers and business functions. Even if your supply chain begins on a factory floor in Ningbo and ends on the retail shelf or with complete product assembly in your client’s basement – end-to-end visibility is paramount.  Success requires more than analytics and optimization: business-savvy partners drive top performance.

You can’t have strategic vision without clear insight. Data analytics will reveal secrets and reflect supply chain realities, giving you an instant view, long-term perspective and predictive analytics. Visibility throughout the supply chain helps you plan so that you’re always prepared and think proactively so you can make smart decisions.

With reliable and real-time visibility, companies can better understand what is happening in their supply chain from suppliers all the way to their customer; or their customer’s customer. Transportation Insight provides robust tools to bring global visibility to supply chain operations, helping companies uncover issues they didn’t know existed. From capturing errors in freight payments, to discovering reasons expedited shipping costs are exploding to evaluating carrier performance levels against industry benchmarks, Transportation Insight partners with businesses to help them gain visibility from end-to-end. Over 400 clients have discovered how Transportation Insight’s enterprise logistics solutions deliver game-changing visibility that improves performance and lowers costs.

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