Supply Chain Optimization Empowered by Analysis Tool

Retailers and e-tailers are racing to meet customer demands for improved delivery. End consumers seek shipping options that fulfill expectations for speed, convenience, and cost. Achieving these service goals – and maintaining customer experience – increasingly requires shippers to analyze transportation information across multiple modes.

Meanwhile, maintaining business performance in a competitive environment mandates actionable information to drive decision-making and supply chain optimization. By understanding cost-to-serve metrics, reducing cycle times and improving logistics costs, shippers are empowered to improve profitability.

“Shippers are increasingly aware that if they do not have the technological capabilities to accomplish their goals, they should partner with those that do,” according to the 2020 Third Party Logistics Study results revealed during the 2019 Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals annual conference. “As the amount of available data increases, shippers and their logistics partners will need to be able to take the available information and make it relevant.”

Transportation Insight’s enhanced business intelligence tool gives shippers the power to access their data alongside actionable information powered by analysis – in one platform. Parcel shippers get the first look at the new capabilities of Insight Fusion® during Parcel Forum in Dallas, Oct. 28-30.

Parcel, LTL, Full Truckload Visibility Alongside Analysis

A responsive tool offering multi-modal visibility alongside expert analysis and data visualization can drive decisions that maintain customer satisfaction and protect the bottom line. Technology that provides big picture understanding of supply chain performance helps C-Suite executives chart organizational strategies. Supply chain decision-makers evaluating the deepest level of detail require a powerful application with an analysis output designed to improve tactical execution.

Insight Fusion® is business-enabling technology that compiles a holistic network view. It collects and filters growing volumes of data collected along the end-to-end supply chain. It highlights the critical information needed to guide the supply chain optimization strategies that keep customers happy.

By assimilating detailed and summary-level reporting, best-in-class data visualization powered by Tableau, interactive mapping and transportation document storage in one platform, Insight Fusion empowers shippers to:

● Improve transportation decisions
● Track business trends and KPIs
● Understand the impact of freight cost/service on working capital
● Identify performance improvement opportunities.

From suppliers to customers and all links along the supply chain, Insight Fusion provides on-demand access to transportation information, empowering effective management of an adaptive logistics network.

Transportation Insight debuts the dynamic new functionality of Insight Fusion when parcel shippers convene for the largest annual event for the small package shipping industry. At Parcel Forum 19 Booth 108 Transportation Insight’s team of data engineers and network design experts will demonstrate how shippers can maximize the value of their supply chain data in one easy-to-use platform.

Document Storage, Management Critical to Compliance

Retailers and e-tailers relying on cross-border shipments face added scrutiny from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Advances in technology – especially the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) –facilitates greater CBP visibility to shippers’ trade compliance practices. Further, passage of the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act (TFTEA), elevates the level of punitive damages that can be levied, including additional duties, fines, restrictions or even elimination of import/export privileges for violators.

In this complex trade environment, proactive shippers mindful of reasonable care standards are deploying risk mitigation strategies. Among these, are efforts to meet CBP’s requirement to retain all records related to an international shipment. From purchase, transportation and import clearance to final payment to suppliers, shippers must be able to produce all documentation - on demand.

Insight Fusion’s document storage capabilities allow instant access to shipping records. Stored in a centrally managed logistics repository, these files can be accessed quickly and conveniently at the start of any trade compliance inquiry.

Powerful search functionality also enables shippers to use their Insight Fusion portal to access all digital and non-EDI freight invoices. Detailed weekly reports available from Transportation Insight offer added visibility to activity across the end-to-end supply chain.

to learn more about Insight Fusion’s document storage capabilities. Visit Booth 108 for a demonstration of Insight Fusion. See how on-demand access to all transportation information empowers shippers to optimize logistics networks to quickly meet customer expectations.

Complete a demonstration during Parcel Forum Oct. 28-30, you will receive an Amazon Echo Dot and experience a dynamic, user-friendly tool that is helping retailers, e-tailers and all shippers improve their supply chain performance.

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