Manage Transportation Risk to Improve E-Commerce Performance

As the “Amazon Effect” intensifies expectations for service and delivery, retailers need to understand risks that jeopardize e-commerce profitability. Providing customers with shipping options at checkout improves conversion and retention, but price points and service speed cannot be sacrificed.

Transportation Insight partnered with Multichannel Merchant to help shippers understand how to move from traditional distribution models to more flexible, adaptable strategies that reach customers directly at optimal cost.

Watch “Managing Transportation Risk in the Age of Amazon” to learn:

  • 4 Risk areas that could hinder e-commerce growth
  • Strategies for cost-effective order fulfillment
  • Approaches for optimizing mode selection to enhance customer experience
  • Methods for converting data and analysis into metrics that matter

Gain insight into transportation strategies that mitigate e-commerce risks and support optimal customer experience.