Avoid Surcharge Shocks, Power Performance

Are parcel surcharges creating new costs that jeopardize profit?

Can you monitor and manage your parcel volume trends – and focus on enhancing customer service through exceptional service?

Traditionally leveraged around winter holidays, peak season surcharges are becoming another year-round wrinkle in parcel complexity that challenges shippers ability to manage transportation spend.

Read “Manage the Surge” to understand how parcel surcharges work, how they impact your bottom line and how you can control these added supply chain expenses.

  • Examine COVID-19 peak surcharges affecting small- and large-package shippers relying on UPS and FedEx.
  • Calculate the surcharge impact on transportation spend and item-level profitability.
  • Explore 6 strategies for managing the added cost of carrier surcharges.

Open this report to improve your parcel cost management and learn how a Supply Chain Master leverages technology tools and industry expertise to help you avoid unexpected surcharge shocks.

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